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heh heh horf

2/18/14 by zenovance
Updated 2/18/14

First update in 3 weeks! Let's get this shit started.

I. Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex, a really cool song that I have been (attempting) working on, has been postponed until further notice. I've been pondering on what to do with it after the intro, and I'm in a rut. If anyone has any cool ideas for it, let me know by PMing me here:, or on any other social media thingamijiggers.

II. Game Making Ventures

I've recently partnered up with a couple of friends to help me make my first game. More news on those shenanigans later.

III. School

I'm trying to focus more on school because I have been ignoring the hell out of it. Wanna know why I uploaded so much stuff back on my old account "TheFiercePixel"? Because all I did was make music after school. No homework, studying, or anything. And my grades have taken quite a toll on me. So, to combat this, I am now dedicating a lot of my time to school. That also means less frequent uploads, so bear with me!

IV. Creativity Blockage

This has happened to me before, but this time it's a lot worse. I haven't made much progress on my songs. I think it may be going away, but I'm unsure. If anyone has got any tips, let me know!

And now the update comes to a close.


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great news!

Oh man, looks like we all have the same problem! I'm currently struggling with Algebra 2, chapter 4 (quadratics and polynomials). Failed every quiz this semester, and on the fast track to failing tomorrow's test. What class are you struggling with?

2/19/14 zenovance responds:

The class I'm struggling with at the moment is Algebra 1 Honors, so I know your pain.

(I'm actually going to learn about polynomials and quadratics today!)



Well at least I'm not the only one with problems like this right now.
Hope you push through, schools a bitch sometimes.

2/19/14 zenovance responds:

It's quite the hassle, huh?